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The Magic Mushroom Rollercoaster Explained


The Magic Mushroom Rollercoaster Explained

The big day has arrived! You’ve bought your magic mushrooms, you set a date where you have nothing to do, and you’re ready to take a trip inside your mind! It’s normal to feel uncertain when taking psychedelics, especially if it’s your first time. 

Here’s how it should go down.

The Big Day 

We always recommend tripping on an empty stomach. Eating a big meal beforehand could leave you feeling nauseated and reduce the amount of Psilocybin absorbed in the bloodstream. Instead, eat a big dinner the night before. If you must eat, try to keep it light with fruits and nuts instead of meat and dairy.

The most popular method of ingestion is making mushroom tea, which allows you to consume the psilocybin without eating the flesh. The flesh of mushrooms gives stomach cramps to some people, and that can be uncomfortable during the come up. 

Note: Keep in mind that during the trip, food will probably look, smell and taste repulsive but your body is still running normally, thus still needing a certain amount of Kilojoules and water to function. Meal-replacement milkshakes like Ensure are a great option to add calories when you feel weak from not eating enough.

If tea isn’t your style, add the dried mushrooms to any recipe or eat them raw. They have a faint earthy taste but aren’t horrible.

The Come Up is arguably the worst part of the whole experience. You just ate the mushrooms, you know something is about to happen, and now you have no more control. 

This is the moment to start letting go and surrendering to the experience. Don’t wait for it, don’t ask yourself if you’re high yet. Have a calm activity planned out like listening to music, watching tv or playing video games. You will know when it hits.

The Peak: Once you are high, you will get higher and higher and higher… and higher. Until you reach the peak, remember the roller coaster analogy and understand that you will come down after the rise. 

This is where most of the effects happen, and it is important just to enjoy the moment while it’s there. Again, don’t try to control it but rather watch it, observe and appreciate the beauty of life.

The Comedown: Unlike a rollercoaster, you will come down a lot slower than you came up. You may feel anxious and unable to sit still or rest until the next day, but it can still be gratifying. Your thoughts will become more coherent, and you will regain your reasoning.

Every time you eat, drink or smoke, you will come back up a tiny bit until it is over and you’re back to normal.

Soothing music that you may not otherwise listen to can be a lifesaver here, and having comfort foods is a good idea as well. This is where comfort will be crucial, and that’s why we’re planning ahead.

Compared to MDMA, cocaine and the likes, this comedown is a breeze. For regular doses (1-3.5g), you should be completely fine after a good night’s rest.

If possible, use the next day to reflect on the trip and what you learned about reality. Your subconscious will keep thinking about it for weeks after your trip, but your memory is fresh the day after a trip and quickly fades because it was hard for the brain to understand.

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