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Start Your Psychedelic Journey with Mushroom Edibles


The psychedelic realm is an interesting one. It’s a world that many people are intrigued by, but don’t really know how to get into it. Mushrooms are the perfect entry point for those who want to explore this mind-bending world without having any knowledge of psychedelics beforehand.

Mushroom edibles are marketable products similar to marijuana edibles, but instead of containing THC, they contain Psilocybin which has an effect on serotonin levels and can often lead users into a “trip.”

This blog post will go over what these shrooms snacks are all about and how you can start your journey with mushroom edibles!

What are mushroom edibles and how are they made?

Visually, psilocybin edibles are very similar to marijuana edibles. Both come in the form of gummies, chocolates, teas, and much more! Like with cannabis edibles, these shroom goodies are infused using safe and simple techniques, ensuring a precise dosage every time.

They are consumed like marijuana edibles. Take the recommended dosage and wait at least 45-90mins before taking more. When eaten, Psilocybin will be absorbed by the stomach lining and move into the bloodstream, hitting your brain in about 30mins.

What should I expect when consuming psilocybin?

Psilocybin edibles will not induce a high like marijuana does; instead, they are primarily used to “take you on a trip.” The effects of eating Psilocin can be described as having a “mind-expanding” experience and seeing things in new ways. This is due to the increased level of serotonin, which causes your brain to work differently than it usually does!

The effects will last about four to six hours. You may feel an elevated mood for many days after taking Psilocybin. Find out more about the effect of psilocybin in our blog section.

What dosage should I aim for?

Dosage will always clearly be indicated on the label of an edible product. Mushrooms are such a powerful substance, it only takes a little bit to feel their effects.

The dosage you should take entirely depends on your intent for the experience. Do you want to microdose, trip balls, or just dip your toes?

For someone who doesn’t want to feel the full power of psilocybin right away, we recommend starting off with anything under 1000mg. For those trying to leave the world as they know it behind, and enter a new dimension: 2.0-3.0g should do the trick.

Be warned that as with any edible product, you should not have a big meal beforehand, or it may reduce absorption, and thus the effect. Also, mushrooms can take time to kick in, so don’t re-dose too often or too soon!

What are the benefits of mushroom edibles over raw mushrooms?

They help mask the taste of mushrooms

While the earthy taste of most mushroom species is very faint, it’s enough to make some people gag. Edibles are a great way to mask the taste, meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy your experience without being constantly reminded of how much you don’t like it.

They’re less likely to make your stomach turn and induce vomiting, an unfortunate, but possible side-effect of consuming poisonous fungus.

They are more discreet

Though legalization is looming, you may not want to walk around with a bag of dried mushrooms on you. Edibles look just like candy and can be transported inconspicuously anywhere you go.

It’s mentally easier

It’s very important to be relaxed when taking any psychedelic, as it will amplify any emotion you feel. Stress and anxiety are the worst and can ruin your trip before it even starts.

After eating raw shrooms, many reports feeling a rush of nervousness due to the fact that it’s now too late to go back. The same can be said about edibles, but they make it easier to just eat and forget about.

Most popular types of mushroom edibles


Everyone’s favourite candy! Gummies are gelatinous goodness that come in small sizes, but pack a big punch. Hillside Pharms offers a variety of gummies in different tantalizing flavours like Very Berry, Cherry Lime, and more.

Shroomies is a well-known brand in Canada, and are reliable with their dosages, which is very important when dealing with mushrooms.

Dosage varies from 200mg-500mg, so you can be very flexible with how many you eat.


Shroomies outdid themselves with this one. These delicious chocolate bars come in two flavours: Cookies and Cream, and Milk Chocolate. They contain 5000mg of mushrooms each, making for a hell of a trip if you eat it all.

Thankfully, they’re split up in 10 pieces of 500mg, so you can dose appropriately. These bars are infused with the Golden Teacher species, probably the most famous around the world, due to its positive effects of new users. 

We also offer 3000mg chocolate bars in 3 flavours.

Microdosing capsules

Also considered as edibles, these capsules are just like any THC or CBD pills you may have encountered in the past. The difference between microdosing capsules and candies, apart from the taste, is their intended use.

Microdosing has been gaining tremendous attention recently on the mental health scene due to its potential to treat anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Each one of these 30 capsules contains a tiny amount (250mg) of Psilocybin, making them perfect for the practice of microdosing.

Where do we go from here?

Just like the marijuana world was taken by storm during legalization, with a plethora of new edible products hitting the shelves, we could see the same thing happening with mushroom edibles.

Mushrooms are incredibly easy to cook with, so the possibilities are virtually endless. With healthy living on the rise as well, it’s not impossible to think a lineup of more healthy snacks is getting ready to make an appearance.

In the meantime, enjoy our selection of mushrooms, and start your psychedelic journey today!

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