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El CheapOOO

(8 customer reviews)


No requests. No favors. No strain listings. No nuthin! Just a good deal.

We’re not calling you cheap….we prefer thrifty.

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Cheap weed!!

Smalls, end of jars, trial runs, greenhouse, one off’s and random stuff we find in jars on the shelf. Deals to be had. There may some cosmetic or minor imperfections with the product such as burnt leaves, rough trim, smaller pieces or seeds. Or maybe not.

3 strains

28 grams of each

This item will change depending on stock availability.   Strain information will not be provided and product will vary.

All sales are final!!!!

No refunds or reships.



8 reviews for El CheapOOO

  1. MathU416 (verified owner)

    Mandarin Kush
    Fruity Pebbles
    Im more of a heavy indica guy but all 3 of these strains were great for the price. Would defo cop again.

  2. Jonathandreze (verified owner)

    Got Mandarin kush , god og and c-weed,great discover , taste really sweet pepperi and citrus aromas ,
    Really good for AAA+ flowers and the price !!

  3. bkhuber (verified owner)

    Amazing deal. Got rom berry, peach crescendo and pink kush. Great smell and smoke. Exceeded my expectations for the price.

  4. 1017holy (verified owner)

    Great white shark, Chocolate Glue and Death Bubba. Love the strains and for the price. Great deal.

  5. Agenlc (verified owner)

    Sweet Haze, Purple Kush and Blueberry for me. All good quality no smell on the Haze but the indicas were dec. All trips, AAA-. – AAA

  6. thebigbologna84 (verified owner)

    I received Sweet Haze, Purple Kush and Blueberry. Great deal, would buy again.

  7. Bliner (verified owner)

    This was an amazing dealio!!! Blackwater, Purple kush & Blueberry. What more could you ask for ?? Sick selections ladies & gentlemen!!! 🥰🤩

  8. Kaseyyeah (verified owner)

    Got GG#4, OG kush and Great white shark, amazing deal. Would buy again anytime I see this up

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