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Tangielope 4 (Dark Chocolate)

(6 customer reviews)


Parents: Chocolope x Tangie

Indica/Sativa: 10/90

Breeder: DNA Genetics

Grower: The Unknown Grower

Flowering time:   10.5 weeks


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Chocolope and Tangie results in citrus & chocolate aroma and flavor. Tangilope is pure energy and a positivity booster, she will put a happy grin on your face and make you laugh for hours. Great for morning and day time use. A tasty chocolate hit to start your day or for all through the day.

This flower has been hang dried, hand trimmed and cold cured for 2 weeks prior to release. Quantities are limited.


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6 reviews for Tangielope 4 (Dark Chocolate)

  1. Chosen One (verified owner)

    Well rounded pheno-type. Long lasting and smooth, one of the better sativa’s I’ve tried from this group. Absolutely recommend to fellow hunter’s.

  2. seedtoharvest (verified owner)

    🍊🍊🔥🔥 Great batch.

  3. Jonsey (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this. Fantastic orange citrus smell. High quality product..

  4. Nvrenough (verified owner)

    Spectacular flower. Perfect for morning smoke. Everything about it is solid.

  5. jbouil35 (verified owner)

    This was great Tangielope. I tried the #2 from my brother and that one was great as well, differences were subtle, but the bud structure was very different. I kinda liked these nugs a bit better, but the smell off the #2 is amazing, while this is more what I expected from the tangielope terps and was still great! I look forward to trying the other pheno

  6. neverwork (verified owner)

    This was one of 3 Unknown Grower strains tried from the recent drop and………welcome back! I really hope tangilope is added to the regular rotation – it’s just awesome flower in every way.

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