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Sour Tangie

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Parents: Sour Diesel x Tangie

Indica/Sativa: 20/80

Breeder: DNA Genetics

Grower: Unknown Grower

Flowering time: 8.5 weeks

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Sour Tangie has a fruity, sour citrus funk, with a very strong euphoric head high that comes on fast and will hang around for a few hours, becoming more mellow as time goes on and dissolve into a nice relaxed state.

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6 reviews for Sour Tangie

  1. avssois

    If you see the QP of this available, grab it. This is one of those perfect sativa strains that you always want to have around.

  2. Jayze

    Cant wait for my next shipment of this! The smell is the yummiest citrus.

  3. Jfwell (verified owner)

    This Strain is just perfect. The sweet tangerine smell will make you want to glue your face to the bag. The taste is on point you can really taste the tangerines on the exhale, plus it leaves a great after taste. It came easily on my top 5 strains tried this year (among a lot of them). I received 2 3.5 nugs and its almost a shame I had to smoke it. Bought twice already and will order some really soon. The only problem I have with it is that I smoke too much. Not because its not good but because its just too good.

    Will induce a great euphoric high, will feel it behind the eyes too. I couldnt recommend any strain more than this one.

  4. Smokey the Bear (verified owner)

    This strain is just delicious and a pleasure to smoke. Quite potent. I’d only had Sour Tangie once before, which was a well known dud of a batch from another source (not hsp). I had to give it another shot and I’m glad I did. Super stinky.

  5. twoeyebandit (verified owner)

    Got to say wow…:) Tasty yummy gummy herb. I was able to roll a weed ball with meaty part of bud. Awesome everything if you enjoy a Sativa leaning high..:) Cheers too the grower’s fckin eh..!!!!

  6. AstroBoy

    I got this as a sample and after trying it out, man do I wish I had ordered this.

    Very pleasing to smell and look at. Extremely smooth and I can absolutely taste citrus on the inhale and exhale.

    I didn’t really get the psychedelic feeling that is stated for the strain, but got an overwhelming sense of feeling content as I tried it right when I woke up. All my morning pains melted away.

    It’s not stating the CBD content in this strain but I feel it’s significant as I had about an hour and a half of that feeling before lighting the other half of the joint I rolled.

    Kudos to the growers of this bud as it’s a treat indeed.

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