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Kootenay Pressed Bubble Hash

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Creamy Kootenay hash from our farmly friends at Kootenay Mountain Pure. Oily, and dank this hashish is gently heat and pressure pressed into black on the outside and brown in the middle, bricks of hashy goodness. It crumbles up into nice soft slightly moist pieces when pulled off the brick, no lighter necessary to soften it up.

Crumbly and moist; this water and ice extracted hashish is handy for every occasion.  Perfect for rolling into hot knifing balls for you old schoolers, topped on bowls and bongs, or added to joints or perhaps for a nice slow burning hasher.

It can even be dropped on car lighters and inhaled through a cut off pop bottle in pinch. Kidding. Please note: We do not condone this method and please do not involve pets, children or heavy machinery in any of the above methods.

Do cars still have lighters?

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Bubble Hash
Although commonly referred to a solventless extract. Bubble hash extracts pure cannabinoids from the plant using water as a solvent. The trichrome heads are removed from the plant material through ice water and gentle agitation and are sifted away from the plant through a series of bubble bags. The material resulting is a high THC cannabis concentrate that is collected and dried.


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8 reviews for Kootenay Pressed Bubble Hash

  1. tavenhotep (verified owner)

    This hash is very easy to work with , not sticky and not crumbly .. easy to form in various shapes for use. The bouquet is quite floral and heady, a nice easy draw.
    This Hash does pack quite a kick, and can sneak up quickly on you – but when it hits get ready for a happy time !

  2. Greenman420 (verified owner)

    Nice soft and flavorful hash. Love this stuff and for the price you can not go wrong. Have purchased 3 times now. 👍

  3. Inda (verified owner)

    Great Hash for the price, taste good, burns clean, soft sticky goodness.

  4. kw92 (verified owner)

    First time trying this hash, was just okay imo for the price. Looks and smells nice, very sticky and malleable.
    Potency is ok, taste was spicy and slightly harsh from a pipe.
    Doesn’t smoke all that well on its own, couldn’t get it to smolder or cherry very well in a pipe, had to keep lighting it.
    Smokes well mixed in with a joint, no complaints there, just wouldn’t recommend if you enjoy smoking hash on it’s own!

  5. kurt420 (verified owner)

    Very sticky, soft and oily with a smooth hashy flavour.
    I love it on top of bong bowls to add some extra punch to my tokes. Better than the Afghani for flavour and potency,it leaves a nice slow burn in the bowl and really hits me in the back of the head after a couple blasts. Would definitely get this one again, highly recommend for old school hash lovers.

  6. Thomas Giles (verified owner)

    Soft, sticky, and potent.

  7. tg67

    Very good hash top of the line.

  8. CrazyDiamond (verified owner)

    Really like this hash nice soft texture, taste is fine, damn its potent get you real high !

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