Mushroom Capsules – Active


Active -Peak Performance Mushroom Capsules

Each capsule contains 50mg Psilocybin, 150mg Ginseng, 25mg CBD, 150mg Lions Mane Extract, 50mg Spearmint, 50g Sage

16 capsules

Recommended dose is daily.





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Naretev Choice mushrooms are medically formulated. . The four Naretev Choice products, Valhalla, Dream, Whaff and Active have been battle tested by many veterans and it has been found to melt ego and release mental blocks with the recommended usage. Take a lower dose to start and take it slow,

The use and experience of this sacred medicine is 100% between patient and fungi. The importance of set and setting are critical to the outcome of the experience. Set your mindset and intention, mentally prepare yourself for a positive therapeutic experience, prepare to release and let go of pain, anger and negative thoughts. Before you begin, organize a safe setting, a calm private place outdoors is best, indoors is ok too. Be sure to select a place that is free of interruption and is relaxing to you. Breathe deeply and release the tension carried in your mind and body.

Remember, you are in control of your thoughts, you get to decide the experience you choose to have so take the time to organize your set and setting before you begin.

Consuming more than 300mg should be done with the assistance of an experienced practitioner. For best results use the low and slow approach to ensure pleasant patient experience and safety are achieved and find your best personal threshold for optimal therapeutic use.





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