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Klear Kryptonite Cleaner – 270ml


The Ultimate Clean Works on Glass, Metals, Ceramics,Tools,Hands,Surfaces & Clothing.


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  • QUALITY: KLEAR KINE has been voted the best glass and ceramic cleaner in Colorado. KLEAR KINE is the leading eco friendly cleaning solutions in the nation. KLEAR was voted the best cleaner by and other leading review sites. Please stop damaging the environment with 100% VoC products and antiseptic isopropyl alcohol & salt. KLEAR KINE products cleans all your Pyrex, glass, metal dab tools & grinders, silicone and ceramic for the best 420 & 710 experience.
  • HOW IT WORKS: Kryptonite glass cleaner is a clay-based cleaner. It uses clay to absorb tars and resins working as an encapsulator. This process is similar to what happens when using kitty litter on an oil spill in your garage. This formula was scientifically engineered to work on hands, clothing, tools, hard surfaces like sinks and countertops, trays, tubes and other surfaces.



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