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Island Pink Kush Pressed Hash

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Oily, and dank this hashish is gently heat and pressure pressed into black on the outside and brown in the middle, bricks of hashy goodness. It crumbles up into nice soft slightly moist pieces when pulled off the brick, no lighter necessary to soften it up.

Crumbly and moist; this water and ice extracted hashish is handy for every occasion.  Perfect for rolling into hot knifing balls for you old schoolers, topped on bowls and bongs, or added to joints or perhaps for a nice slow burning hasher.

It can even be dropped on car lighters and inhaled through a cut off pop bottle in pinch. Kidding. Please note: We do not condone this method and please do not involve pets, children or heavy machinery in any of the above methods.

Do cars still have lighters?

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1 review for Island Pink Kush Pressed Hash

  1. Babadook (verified owner)

    Very potent but very sticky! I roll hash spliffs and it’s a pretty long process with this hash since it’s so sticky. Once you do get it going, hang on because it will hit you! Not for the “casual” hash smoker.

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