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Glueberry OG

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Parents: Gorilla Glue x OG Kush x Blueberry

Indica/Sativa: 90/10

Breeder: Dutch Passion

Grower: The Uphill Gardener

Flowering time:  9 weeks


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Glueberry OG by Uphill Gardener is an indica dominant strain with astringent berry flavours combined with a smoky kush finish. Smooth, clean burning smoke that is great for reducing anxiety and soothing your nerves. Glueberry OG has chunky crystal covered nugs that will leave your grinder sticky and your joints burning with a sticky oil ring. This is one Indica dominant strain that won’t leave you floored but instead functionally sedated without any anxiety. Good medicine! 

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17 reviews for Glueberry OG

  1. McDaddy

    Check out my review of Glueberry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufWclbeDPIg

  2. renagayde

    Perfect grow and trim on this batch. Huge flowers almost white like the old white widow of days gone by. Heavily caked with tricomes and a great balanced high with no crash!

  3. speedyzfc (verified owner)

    Ordered during 4/20 sale. Fluffy buds on the outside, dense and absolutely caked on the inside. Great flavor, smooth smoke and white ash. Very relaxing and functional effects. Great day time indica.

  4. mmmsnaccc (verified owner)

    Favourite strain from my order. Flower was very dense and fluffy. Blueberry flavour comes through and the potency is also present. Will order again

  5. Chosen One

    Phenomenal strain in my line up, great for autoimmune disorders. This is my anxiety destroyer. Gives Pink Kush a run for its money.

  6. thestarslave (verified owner)

    My favorite flower so far!! I love cracking open this bag and breathing in….YUM! I am a 20 year smoker but found the effects consistent thru the entire ounce. Buzzy but super functional. No time for napping or eating the secret chocolate stash. Happily leveled mood after its initial elevation lasts 2-3 hours for me. This from 4-6 hoots in a one-hitter/half joint, repeated 5-6 times a day! Super impressed with the quality and will order every time! ALSO works magic on my joint/nerve pain in my wrists from carpal tunnel. Don’t wear my wrist brace at night when i am smoking this strain. HSP you grow spectacular plants….and should continue giving free samples – as that is how this flower became a reorder for me!! Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  7. specialagentsoos (verified owner)

    Smooth smoke with a great focussed high.

  8. mapleneck (verified owner)

    I want to add HSP is a stand up organization, they replaced a parcel that CP lost. Thank you

  9. mapleneck (verified owner)

    one hit keeps anxiety at bay, smoke more and forget about it all. nice berry aroma and flavour is a treat.

  10. specialagentsoos (verified owner)

    Awesome smoke. Super smooth. Very relaxing but focussed high.

  11. thebigbologna84

    Excellent sized buds. Smokes A1. This is going to put a big smile on your face and make you forget about your day! Great stone!

  12. RexMekkem1

    Great size Nuggs,
    Eye-8.5 outta 10
    Nose-9.5 outta 10
    Smoke- 9 outta 10
    CleanFlush/white Ash -10 outta 10

  13. G4L4CT1C4

    Love this strain. Lovely blueberry baked good flavour. Nice relaxing stone. Great for joint pain. Big fan of this one!

  14. Casper (verified owner)

    I agree with the other reviews. This is amazing weed in every way. Thanks HSP!

  15. goldenkitten

    I got this as a freebie and holy mother of God. I love this stuff. I’m not very good at picking out tastes but I am good with effects. This one hits me above the neck first. A slow fuzziness spreads over my brain and it slowly travels down my body. I love it before bed. I sleep so well with this strain. Definite reorder. Thank you for letting me try this one!

  16. WinstonCharlie (verified owner)

    Strong notes of berry. Burns white. Great high – no anxiety or intrusive thoughts (PTSD). 5/5

  17. canadian chronic

    got a sample of this in my order it smells like a mix of the three crosses but th blueberry comes out the most the taste is nice and sweet, with a strong indica high that starts around the front of the head and eyes, then leads to the rest of the body.

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