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El CheapOO

(34 customer reviews)


4 strains, 14 grams of each

No requests. No favors. No strain listings. No nuthin! Just a good deal.

We’re not calling you cheap….we prefer thrifty.

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Cheap weed!!

Smalls, end of jars, trial runs, greenhouse, one off’s and random stuff we find in jars on the shelf. Deals to be had. There may some cosmetic or minor imperfections with the product such as burnt leaves, rough trim, smaller pieces or seeds. Or maybe not.

This item will change depending on stock availability.   Strain information will not be provided and the product will vary in quality, size and strain.

All sales are final!!!! No refunds or reships.




34 reviews for El CheapOO

  1. ju5tch1lling (verified owner)

    Great deal, never know what you’re gonna get!
    I got Black diamond, decent, seems like greenhouse which I don’t mind.
    Orange flambe (haven’t tried yet but looks good)
    And I was very excited to get Dodi Cake in my order, although I only got 3 strains instead of 4, I assume one of them is an ounce. (Haven’t weighed them yet but hoping it’s the dosi cake)

  2. long sativa colas (verified owner)

    So this is coming from the perspective of a brand new customer, not just of HSP, but of MoMs in general. Being new, I wanted to sample a few strains and I didn’t want to spend too much upfront. The El Cheapo fit the bill, and luckily for me, I was the one who got the last package deal before they ran out this time around. I also decided to get a half q of Blue Meanies cuz it’d been over 10 years since my wife and I had tripped together, and I wanted to get over the $200 free shipping cut off haha. These are the strains that I got and my rankings:
    White Freeze (A)
    This feels like a homegrow. Small, loose, larfy buds with some small seeds and stems. Burns a little harsh, leaves a dark ash. Mild potency. Pretty strong citrus and herbal terps tho.
    GG#1 (AA)
    Smaller, light green, open, airy buds. Familiar chemical/piney GG scent and flavour profile. Burns poorly, joint needs to be relit often. Mild to medium hybrid buzz.
    Sour Widow (AAA)
    Small and medium sized, dark green buds with deep red pistils. Spongy bud structure, good moisture level. Very strong White Widow and Sour OG scents. If you like the distinctiveness of Widow or Sour terps, you’ll like this flower. Tastes great, burns exceptionally smooth. Medium buzz, good for listening to music imo.
    Blueberry Jam (AAA+)
    This was the nicest of the lot. Smallish, but very nice, tight, mature, well-cured and hand-trimmed buds. Sweet, somewhat fruity aroma and flavour. Not dry, good humidity. Smooth smoke, easy tokes. Buzz is a decent medium. If the buzz was a bit stronger, I think I’d rate this closer to a quad, maybe AAAA-.
    I was fortunate and was also gifted a couple of 1g samples as well:
    Agent Urkle (AAA+)
    A very nice CBD option, smell hits you right away this is a CDB flower. Good bud structure, moisture content, cure, and trim. Tastes great in my Crafty. Nice CBD glow and body buzz.
    LA Kush Cake (AAAA-)
    Very tight, light green bud with light orange hairs. Somewhat muted, but sweet cookies and kush scents and flavours mix nicely in this terpene profile. Very nice buzz, if somewhat short-lasting. This flower is currently sold out, but I’d consider using my 30% off newbie code to get an oz if I could. In the meantime, the Burt Reynolds is calling my name and is probably going on my next order.

  3. EliB (verified owner)

    I got Violator, OG Kush, Sour Widow and God OG.

    The Violator was really nice, but the other 3 were very disappointing and dry. Weird fizzling while burning and black ash.

  4. Technoxity (verified owner)

    Sour OG AA+
    Lemon Drop!! AAA
    Blue Dream!! AAA+
    Blackwater OG AAA+

    No seeds, great quality, very cured and much still dense. Lots of kief ratio, good old school genetics. Some really fat honkin’ nugs as well, I recommend it.

  5. Rexers (verified owner)

    White cookies/ Atomic haze/Sour Og/ Tangerine Cough. The white cookies and tangerine cough are fantastic. Atomic haze burns white, reminds me of a cheese strain. Sour OG, unfortunately burned black and won’t stay lit in a joint for long.

  6. gg (verified owner)

    I recieved Mandarin Dream / Diesel Wreck / Sour OG / Atomic Haze.

    Mandarin Dream is definitely the star here. All the other stuff isn’t really my style (I prefer sweet Terps over everything). But for $90 an ounce all I’m expecting is something smokeable, and this delivers way more than that.

    The value here is so good that it’s practically charity.

  7. hdpiss (verified owner)

    First time ordering, very good quality for the price. White Cookies / Mandarin Dream / Atomic Haze / Sour OG. One of the White Cookie nugs is almost 8g in weight. 5 stars all around. Best budget deal I’ve bought in years

  8. chesstu (verified owner)

    5 stars again and again. Last 3 el cheapo were just awesome. This time I got Atomic Haze (?), Sweet Kush (?) Chocolope (wow) ans Dark Angel (smells like xmass!). All AAA+ in my rating. My life has changed since I found HSP Sativa ❤️

  9. Havoc21 (verified owner)

    Anytime the El Cheapo is available I always grab it. Great value.

  10. Thomas Giles (verified owner)

    Another awesome EL Cheapo. Got jolly rancher, tangerine cookies, great white shark, and dark angel. Love them all.

  11. EatMyKimchi (verified owner)

    Overall if I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, and I wanted a bit of choices I would buy again. I got moby dick, great white shark, blueberry (nicest smelling/stickiest I’ve ever had, but almost no potency), and purple nukem (looked a bit sunburned on the leaves). Always tempted to buy it again when I see it in stock but I’m usually looking for something specific now

  12. Domisgone (verified owner)

    I recommend getting this deal if you come upon it in stock! I’ve never been disappointed with the strains sent to me. It’s almost like Christmas when the package comes as you never know which strain will be sent to you.
    Like I said, if it’s in stock, grab one! You won’t be disappointed!!!

  13. Havoc21 (verified owner)

    Great white shark
    Black Mamba
    Sweet Haze
    Orange Ade

    Amazing deal Orange Ade is amazing… Black Mamba is awesome and the others are pretty average. Will definitely order this again…

  14. Sparkofdoom (verified owner)

    Received Moby dick, Great white shark, Sweet haze and Fruit Loops. Fruit loops being the best of the four. First three were average but fruit loops was a good fruity smoke like the name suggests. Each one was well over weight and at the price I cant complain however every half was jammed into a bag that looked like it could maybe fit a quarter so it was almost impossible getting it out without breaking apart every piece.

  15. Jordo (verified owner)

    I’ve been watching these sell for almost a year now, and whatever stupidity of mine took this long to finally order one for myself.
    My order came with Rockstar, Ice Cream, Lemon Thai, and Lemon Drop. They were all potent. Rockstar is one of my standby strains so I was happy to get that, and Lemon Drop stands out as an excellent hybrid Sativa. I’ll be one of the people trying to buy this each time from now. Thank you HSP.

  16. Kers (verified owner)

    Just got my order and it looks great! I couldn’t be happier! For this price how could you go wrong?

  17. Thomas Giles (verified owner)

    4 excellent strains. Got Dutch Dragon, Ice Cream, Sweet Haze, and Sour Widow

  18. Pits (verified owner)

    Had a good/bad expeirence with this. I received lemon drop, great white shark, master kush and amnesia haze. The haze and master kush were both solid smokes for the price. Fresher would have bin better but for the price not complaining. Now the lemon drop..
    Gave over 11grams away to a friend because I couldn’t smoke it. I’m a multiple times daily smoker but this wasn’t right. Gross gross taste and was beyond damp. Looked like pure homegrown. 0/10. The great white shark was alright damp and didn’t come sealed properly then about 2 grams in I found mold. I contacted them and they refunded me for that portion of the el cheapo. So overall I probably would order again just due to the fact I didn’t know what I was getting but if you don’t care about what your smoking it’s worth it. Awesome customer service regarding the bad bag and I’d say I would order again but I already have!!

  19. Technoxity (verified owner)

    Absolute wonder and variety, many old school genetics with high CBD, and somewhat mild-excellent THC flavor profiles. Good mystery deal, keeps you on edge wondering what could it be! Some of the strains were not listed or buy-able on the site (runoffs supposedly) very minimal shake if any and rare seed occasion (2-3 viable seeds, some got crushed in my grinder 🙁 poor things)

    Great White Shark
    Floral Fruity Jungle Crimson Red Piston Hit with no seeds, dissapointed since it was my favorite tasting strain of the bunch, but it goes to show the work in crafting this cannabis kept male pollen away) Very fluffy and dense, somewhat ‘moist’ but from a resin’y perspective.

    Sweet Haze
    Bomb, killer smells- most distinct strain of the entire bunch recieved- like inhaling concentrated bananas. Fluffiest/Leafiest by far, dark green pine with thick stems for great nutrient transfering for the plant (better flower) I got two seeds from the shake at the bottom! None from busting it up however.

    GCG (Green Crack God)
    Very lowdown mild normal ‘average’. Similar flavor to the Great White Shark, but weaker overall in fruity what makes for better trichrome production and excellent dry curing. Darkest purple of all strains received, pistons are an orange/pale color.

    Blue Texada
    [Review done on sale page]

    Thank you HillSidePharms for this excellent product- Cheers!~

  20. markt (verified owner)

    Amazing deal and all the strains I got were AA+. Only downside for me personally was that all of them were sativa or sativa dominant hybrids.

  21. Thomas Giles (verified owner)

    moby dick, frost bomb, gcg, and great white shark. Looking good.

  22. Meow (verified owner)

    I was a little hesitant that i would like it, but i have to say el cheapo is definitely worth it.

  23. drawback (verified owner)

    First time ordering and their cheap stuff is better than stuff I’ve tried from other places. Nugs were small, as advertised, but still looked great, smelled great, and were potent.

  24. Joemich (verified owner)

    All i can say is that is was a very pleasant surprise when i opened the “El Cheapo” great deal for price, quality buds, great smoke.
    This time i received Nuken, Romulan, GG#4, and Great White Shark.would definitely recommend and i will be purchasing again for sure.keep up the great work HSP ,well done.

  25. brankonius (verified owner)

    Patiently waiting for this to be in stock again

  26. Kasey (verified owner)

    Quality weed but dont get your hopes up that it might be smalls or ends of jars of their higher end buds. In our experience it’s been the 99er 119er etc, the cheaper oz anyways for sure.
    Moby, gcg, Frankie’s haze, etc. Good bud good deal tho.

  27. SelflessPro (verified owner)

    Awesome deal. I scooped two orders of this stuff and ended up getting 5 different strains that were all great value. I will be back again.

  28. jayme (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong with this deal.. do it!

  29. Beanhead (verified owner)

    I joined up specically to get “el cheapo”. It sold out the first time because I overthought it. Jumped on it this time and bought couple grams each of jager and glueberry 1 to get free delivery. Got blue moonshine, god’s green crack, great white shark and moby. Haven’t tried all of them but blue moonshine and great white shark are GREAT!! I will be getting another one of these as soon as more come in stock

  30. SanCee (verified owner)

    Like another reviewer said, El Cheapo “exceeded my expectations…”
    WELL worth the money.
    I was more than happy with what I received!

  31. Shayne

    Amazing! Me and my friend went halves on this and were both so happy. The quality of the 4 strains I reviewed varried from great bud to one bag of Moby that looked like grass but still did the trick aha

    Overall well worth it and 3 of 4 I received were amazing.

  32. viho420 (verified owner)

    i always finesse a couple when in stock always good

  33. Keith (verified owner)

    exceeded my expectations by a mile. glad it’s back in stock.

  34. Hemporess (verified owner)

    This is the best deal I’ve found so far!! To be honest I wasn’t expecting too much, just some cheap weed to match my budget. I was surprised to score AAA quality bud and even one quad in the mix, no shake and great variety!! Patiently waiting for El Cheapo to restock…

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