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Burt Reynolds

(10 customer reviews)


Parents: Jager X Humboldt Black Gold X GG4

Indica/Sativa: 80/20

Breeder: Selkirk Farms

Grower: Selkirk Farms

Flowering time:  9 weeks

All flowers are organically grown and use an aeroponic growing system.


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Burt Reynolds is a mix of Selkirk Farms finest genetics, this 3 way cross brings the complex Jager flavour profile to the heavy Humboldt Black Gold effect with some added GG4 punch to keep you glued to the couch.


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10 reviews for Burt Reynolds

  1. Jonesy (verified owner)

    It doesn’t get much better than this. Not that I’ve seen anyway. Taste, burn and potency all good. Should probably get an ounce.

  2. JC (verified owner)

    I dont normally leave reviews but i had too for this one , this kills it in every category I just love it and will keep buying it for aslong as they stock it.

  3. Jkmc1 (verified owner)

    Such a great, smooth but potent smoke. Echoing the others here, when you grind this up the fruity aromas that emanate from this bud is absolutely unreal. Heard amazing things about this strain, and it did not disappoint. Felt a tad dry on the outside at first touch, but rest assured, the cure on this is great when busted. It’s up there for one of the better smokes for sure. Don’t sleep.

  4. PuffPiff (verified owner)

    This is that good good. Incredible smell and taste and gets you so nicely baked.

  5. AcidKiss (verified owner)

    dopest dope i ever smoked

  6. jjcappone (verified owner)

    Dambbbbb! this is some fire here beautiful tastey and burns clean worth every penny thanks again HS

  7. HighHoneyBadger (verified owner)

    10/10, amazing job with this flower. Instantly smell the sweet licorice the second you open the bag. Will be ordering this again very soon!

  8. James Kamps (verified owner)

    Slightly gassy with a taste of root beer and sweet licorice. Uplifting in small doses and nap inducing in larger. Clean and smooth in a Mighty between 170c and 190c. 🔥

  9. Nvrenough (verified owner)

    Gotta agree with previous review. This flower smells amazing. Something fruity and a hint of the Jager. Burns so nice and smooth and the flavour, wow. Bought this one for evening but seem to be smoking it all day lol just watch out as it leads to a nap. Absolutely love it!

  10. RYAN83 (verified owner)

    Exotic flavour here…..jager with a fruity twist. This bud smells phenomenal.10 out of 10 bag appeal. Hats off to the grower and Hillside.

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