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Blue Meanie Mushrooms

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Kootenay grown Blue Meanies


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The Blue Meanie trip lasts from 4-8 hours, with multiple peaks and a strong uplifting and psychoactive high. Users experience a heavy body buzz combined with rushes of euphoria, intense auditory and visual hallucinations. Good times!

Blue Meanies refer to a specific member of the Panaeolus Cyanascens species, also recognized as Copelandia Cyanescens. Blue Meanies mushrooms show blue bruising which is a sign of high potency.

These potent magic mushrooms are not to be confused with another Blue Meanie of the Psilocybe Cubensis family, as the Panaeolus Cyanascens species are known for containing upwards of twice the strength of regular cubensis strains. Blue Meanies are one of many mushrooms strains that contain tryptamine alkaloids, giving it more of a mind-boggling and psychedelic high due to the extreme levels of both psilocybin and psilocin alkaloids. This particular species originated in Asia and has spread to the sub-tropical forests of New Guinea and Mexico.

Psychedelic mushrooms have a longstanding, profound, and storied background among the many cultures that have historically used them. Today, the benefits of these powerful little fungi are being recognized in a big way. Currently, studies into the vast and multifarious use of psychoactive mushrooms are being conducted across the United States and abroad. One such study, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, found that, “a single dose of psilocybin produced substantial and enduring decreases in depressed mood and anxiety along with increases in quality of life.

Additionally, the mystical and profound experiences that so many have experienced since psilocybin entered the American psychedelic lexicon in the 1960s, are now beginning to be tested and explored in mainstream medical science. The results are promising and compelling, and paint a substantiated, positive, symbiotic picture of mushrooms as a powerful healer.

Specifically, clinical trials have been, and are currently, being conducted in the United States and abroad which involve patients dealing with life-threatening cancer. These trials mainly seek to understand the efficacy of high dose psilocybin, administered in therapeutic environments, as a tool for reducing the psychological stress and anxiety that often accompanies a life-threatening diagnosis.

The results so far have been promising. Under double-blind conditions, not only has a single, high-dose of psilocybin been shown to reduce symptoms of psychological distress among the terminal patient groups; the effects have been substantial and enduring.

Additionally, there is a growing body of research which suggests that part of why psilocybin is so effective is that it impacts neuroplasticity. That is, the brain’s ability to learn and grow and change.

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2 reviews for Blue Meanie Mushrooms

  1. hdp (verified owner)

    An eighth sent me into space for a solid 6 hours. I didn’t expect these to hit so hard as I’ve taken the same dose of Amazonian’s before. I ground them up really fine and had them in a cup of coconut yogurt. Started feeling it at the 15-minute mark, that’s when I knew I was in for a blast. At 60 minutes, the Lakers game looked like someone was rapidly shifting the Digital Vibrance and Hue settings on my monitor. At the 2-hour mark, I was meditating on my kitchen floor with my cat listening to Terence McKenna. At the 4 hour mark, Laying down felt weird and I got slightly nauseous, had to get up to walk around for a bit. Very good experience, would do again. BE CAREFUL ON DOSAGE, it will hit you harder than you expect.

  2. long sativa colas (verified owner)

    Holy. Smokes. These. Are. Strong.
    Wife and I took only half a gram each. Tripped pretty hard for almost 7 hours. Started with calm light-heartedness and giggle fits. Moved into an uplifting euphoria and feelings of gratitude. Then everything began to look/feel alive. Shifted into strong hallucinations while looking at patterns. My wife felt it a little harder than I did and needed to take a nap for a bit. I smoked some Blueberry Jam and watched Bladerunner. Fantastic day 🙂

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