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Apple Pie

(4 customer reviews)


Parents: Acapulco Gold x Highland Nepalese

Indica/Sativa: 10/90

Breeder: Selkirk Farms

Grower: Selkirk Farms

Flowering time:  9 weeks


This strain is a limited small batch crop and not available in grams, samplers or mix and match options.



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Apple Pie is grown by Selkirk Farms in an organic based Aeroponic growing system. Apple Pie is a Sativa dominant hybrid created by crossing some rare old school strains Acapulco Gold and a Highland Nepalese strain.

The flavour on Apple pie is Apple Pie! Sour, tart and some spicy cinnamon woodiness. Great for cold days when you need some spark in your step, Apple Pie won’t leave you heavy on the couch and can be served as desert with a nice shot of expresso or some green tea to really get things going. Apple Pie for breakfast may lead to increased productivity and some users have reported getting a lot done when used as a wake and bake!

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4 reviews for Apple Pie

  1. Jonesy (verified owner)

    Consistent quality. I’m ordering this regularly now. Not to be missed.

  2. Jonesy (verified owner)

    This arrived as a sample package with my order.
    Absolutely beautiful,fresh, sticky, delicious nug gratefully received.

  3. Nvrenough (verified owner)

    This is some heady smoke. In 25 yrs of smoking I have never had a sativa this powerful in terms of energy. No more than 3 joints for me in a morning. Usually smoke 2-3 in the first few hr’s with my coffee but only 1 of this stuff. It gives me crazy energy. Definitely not a sit n chill type of smoke.

  4. PuffPiff (verified owner)

    Tasty and potent. This is a great strain.

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