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Dosages of Psilocybin Mushrooms: From Starter Dose to Heroic Dose


Dosages of Psilocybin Mushrooms: From Starter Dose to Heroic Dose

Psilocybin mushrooms have been used for centuries by many different cultures all over the world. It is a hallucinogenic that can be found in nature. It has recently become popular as a psychoactive drug or “trip” because of its ability to produce numerous effects like mental stimulation, a sense of emotional well-being, and an altered perception of time.

The dosages are important because they determine how intense your trip will be. In this article, we will discuss psilocybin mushroom dosages and their effects so you’ll know what you’re getting into before taking them! 

The effects of mushrooms depend on a variety of factors, including dosage(obviously). 

As it stands, Five levels or plateaus exist when tripping. We’ll explore each of these levels and their associated dosage.

Keep in mind that dosage and effects may vary from species to species of mushrooms, but it also depends on your individual physiology, you set, your setting, and much more! Take the following as a rule of thumb.

Note: Mushrooms can be eaten fresh or dried. Most are sold dried, but if you want to eat fresh shrooms, the usual consensus to convert weight is 10:1 since fresh mushrooms are mostly water weight. For every gram of dry indicated here, you could technically eat 10g of fresh. Again, this is not a perfect science, so start low and work your way up!

LEVEL 1: 0.5g-1.5g

“It’s like weed, but stronger!” You may have heard these words apply to magic mushrooms, and honestly, this is the only level where it actually does. The trip may start with a sense of relaxation, your senses will begin to tingle slightly, and there will be a delicate enhancement in colour and sound. Mixing with other substances like weed is acceptable and might just bring you closer to level 2.

You should be able to leave the house after the peak on level 1, and social interactions may be improved due to the brain beginning to lose inhibition and let go.

LEVEL 2: 1.5-2.5g

This is the dosage we would recommend for someone new to the substance, with slight anxiety or fear when faced with eating it, but who still wants to get the best out of their first experience. A first time at this level can be intense, just like it can be regular.

Your trip might begin with the classic sensation of lightness in your body and euphoria—pure bliss. Many experience the giggles on this dosage and can’t seem to stop laughing. Creativity is highly increased, and you start thinking outside the box for anything from the meaning of life to a problem at your job. You will see things from a different perspective and view the world slightly differently. Even at this level, negative thought patterns are weakened and begin to break.

However, reality is still very similar to what it usually is, except maybe if you stare at something long enough, it might start to “breathe.” What is changing is inside your head. To experience hallucinations on this level, listen to music for auditory enhancements/hallucinations and close your eyes to see visual hallucinations in the form of vivid images and patterns.

Mixing with marijuana can lead to an even more intense trip, probably dipping into level 3. However, we would not recommend first-time users to smoke weed until the end of their journey—more on this in the next section.

LEVEL 3: 2.5-3.5g

The third level is where everything changes. While the first two levels were mostly subtle changes inside your head, the third level brings those changes to the real world. There’s no more hiding from it now; your reality has been distorted. Time to enjoy the ride!

If you felt calm during level 1 and contentment during level 2, you will feel pure ecstasy during level 3—a warm fuzzy feeling in your chest of pure pleasure. Visual hallucinations are now available to you with open eyes. Trails left behind moving objects, infinite fractal visions and patterns will catch your attention. The colours are ridiculously vivid, almost like we’re beginning to enter the cartoon world. Things might become extra shiny or bright; the music sounds like it’s the soundtrack to your life, and your thoughts are beginning to scramble.

We recommend newbies to have a trip buddy at this dose and ideally stay in a safe environment until you are a lot more experienced. This is because level 3 messes with essential things like your field of depth perception (DON’T DRIVE!) and the passage of time. Five minutes may feel like 30, and 1 hour may feel like forever.

Provided you took the correct steps to a good trip, this experience could be so magical it may change your fundamental character forever. Some report feeling like a kid again after the trip, like the world is full of wonders.

Deep insight is also possible on this level with thoughts of the past, the future, death, breakups. All subjects you would generally avoid thinking about, or on the flip side obsess about, are now just a regular, harmless thought to explore and understand better.

LEVEL 4: 3.5-5g

You completely enter another dimension. One where time seems to have stopped forever. Some individuals experience an out-of-body experience at this level and see themselves from above. Spiritual visions are common in religious people, and visual hallucinations are now very powerful. Random visual patterns and visions appear, objects completely morph into other objects and colours are distorted.

This is the level Hollywood movies have attempted to recreate on the screen for years now, without much success. It is also too scary a level for most beginners because you have no control. If you haven’t learned to let go and you try to control this experience, a bad trip is inevitable.

The boundaries between self and surroundings are blurred, and both start overlapping.

LEVEL 5: 5g+

The lines between self and surrounding, time and space, vision and hearing, logic and illogic all disappear, and a blend of all these elements causes a total loss of touch with reality. Nothing feels real anymore. Time is standing still. Your senses don’t work as they used to.

For example, your eyes might be open, yet you don’t see anything because you’re focusing on a song, so the idea or image of the music becomes what you see.

As you can tell, this level becomes extremely difficult to put into words once the trip ends, and most people simply cannot explain what they experienced. A feeling of being one with the universe is often reported at heroic doses and is desperately chased by those searching for enlightenment. Some call it the Cosmic Experience or Nirvana. Others call it ego-death. 

While it can happen at any level, the loss of your sense of self is something everyone can benefit from. When you attach less importance to your person, you become more empathetic, see others as part of the same web of life you are, and understand we must help each other.

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