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Shipping & Signatures

High there,
Here at the Pharm we realize that the spread of Covid-19 is disrupting business as usual. We want to let you know that we are making sure we are staying healthy, sanitizing often and have ample stocks of TP.  With these bases covered we can continue to provide the level of service that you are used to from the team at the Pharm.
We will be staying in touch and updating you if we have to send anyone home or if the situation escalates and we are unable to ship orders. 
Currently the only change we are seeing from Canada Post they are not accepting signatures for items and will either leave the item at your door or at the nearest postal outlet. You can see the details here
Our policy currently is that a signature is required for use to file a loss claim with CP in the event of any issue with the delivery and once CP deems it lost we replace the package. 
For the time being, all items with the signature selected will be marked DO NOT SAFE DROP. This should ensure that your items are brought to the nearest postal facility for pick up and not left somewhere. We do ask that you remain vigilant tracking your item during this time as we cannot guarantee that they won’t leave it somewhere. 
Please bear in mind that many areas may be working with reduced staff levels and your package may be delayed, be patient. If there are any issues please contact us and we will work with you to get the situation resolved. Using our customer service page and choosing the appropriate form for your issue will help speed up the process.
In the even that CP does stop mail delivery we are assuming that there will be ample warning given and we will address any changes that occur as soon as we hear of them. 
Stay in and get high,
The team at the Pharm
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