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Craft Grown by Expert Growers

At the core, we are craft cannabis growers and marijuana connoisseurs. We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t smoke ourselves.  We also care about the plant and the good this plant will do for the world.  We genuinely care about the health and well being of our customers, our employees and our community. Our founders work early mornings and late nights to deliver the highest quality product batch after batch and share that with you.

If you are looking for small batch, boutique and exotic Cannabis you have come to the right place. Our Cannabis is carefully cultivated by our group of expert growers and processed batch by batch into top shelf Cannabis flowers and carefully hand crafted Cannabis concentrates such as hash, shatter buddar and oil. 

We take personal pride in blending the art and science of growing only the finest cannabis, with exceptional aroma, flavor, and effects. Our breeding efforts come from our customers needs in search of the perfect combination of traits to deliver the absolute best cannabis experience. All of our meticulous plant care effort is about bringing out the fullest expression of the plant’s genetic potential.


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